345 kV LPP Joint

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G&W LCJ joints are used to connect two 3-core pipe-type cables up to 345kV with fluid filled system nominal pressures up to 400 psi.

Features and Benefits
  • The joint features a field-machined (FM) connector and a field-applied, LPP/paper-insulated body, including cable insulation “stepping” at the connector and stress control slopes at ground electrodes.

  • Every joint is custom designed and engineered for the specific cable system requirements and field constraints.

  • The 345kV-rated joint can fit in a typical 18'x6' manhole.

  • All necessary construction materials and parts are supplied with each kit, including tapes, carbon steel casings, reducers and cable supports (spiders).

  • The joint is qualified per IEEE 404-12 at 345kV system voltage level.