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Point-on-wave switching is a technique consisting in operating AC system switchgear / circuit-breaker at optimum time to reduce switching transients

GE’s CSD100 is an advanced Controlled Switching Device for high voltage AC circuit-breakers. The ability to mitigate switching transients is becoming a key issue for today’s grids as the generated stresses lead to power quality problems and accelerated aging.

CSD100, associated with circuit-breakers, provides utilities with a cost-effective, streamlined solution to protect utility assets and improve system reliability by minimizing risks and operation costs.

CSD100 is able to intercept operation orders, compute optimal targets, and drive the circuit breaker actuators, thanks to dedicated system voltage and current inputs as well as power outputs. By doing so, a slight delay (some tens of milliseconds) is applied.

CSD100 is able to extend asset lifetime by limiting switching transients and consequent stress applied on equipment using controlled switching technique.

Key Benefits
  • Improved power quality and network stability

  • Limited stress on grid equipment for an extended asset life

  • Combined data acquisition and digital communication for enhanced asset performance management (APM)

  • Safe connection of intermittent power generation sources

  • Safe switching of reactive power compensation

  • Safe switching of long overhead lines

  • Easy replacement of RPH2 and RPH3 point of wave controllers