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Integritas Industrial Battery Charger

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The Integritas industrial battery charger is built to help ensure power reliability and efficiency in mission-critical environments where uptime is essential.

The battery chargers feature switch-mode rectifier technology that provides transformer-less, efficient power conversion in a compact footprint – providing true N+1 or N+N redundancy in a single battery charger.

This “single-charger” redundancy replaces two redundant silicon-conrolled rectifier (SCR)-based chargers with one multiple-rectifier unit in a compact, wall-mount design – which can be up to 40 percent smaller than comparable 40-amp SCR chargers.

The battery charger systems are available in 24VDC, 48VDC or 125VDC primary output options with up to 150-amp output currents in 19” and 23” frames.

Features and Benefits
  • Single-Charger N+1 and N+N Redundancy

  • Switch-Mode Rectifier Technology

  • Hot-Swappable Critical Components

  • NERC Compliance

  • Local and Remote Monitoring Capabilities

  • Remote Connectivity via DNP3 Communication Protocols

  • Rack- or Wall- Mounted Configuration

  • High Power Density

  • Accomodates Wide Range of Input Voltages

  • Robust Operating Temperature Range

  • Scalable, Modular Power

Integritas Applications
  • Power Utilities

  • Process Control

  • Transportation

  • Oil and Gas

  • Other Industrial Environments