Distribution Feeder Protection

Multilin 350

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The Multilin™ 350 is a member of the Multilin 3 Series protective relay platform and has been designed for the protection, control and management of feeders or related applications as a primary or backup protection device. This cost-effective protective device is used to perform advanced feeder protection, control and monitoring for low, medium and high voltage applications. The 350 also offers enhanced features such as integrated arc flash protection, metering, monitoring and diagnostics, preventative maintenance, advanced communications and security.

The 350 protection relay chassis used with a draw out relay is available separately, for use as a partial replacement or in test environments. The draw out relay with no chassis is also available to order as a spare unit.

Key Benefits
  • Cost-effective and flexible protection and control

  • Field-proven algorithms and reliable protection to avoid unwanted trips or under-protection

  • Ease of use and standardization with one-step setup and universal CT inputs

  • Environmental monitoring system to monitor operating conditions and plan preventative maintenance

  • Advanced power system and switchgear diagnostics

  • Flexible communications with multiple ports and protocols allowing seamless integration

  • Arc flash mitigation via zone inter-tripping, flex curves and multiple elements and setting groups

  • Integrated arc flash detection using light sensors supervised by over current to reduce incident energy and damage

  • Powerful Security and hierarchical password control for centralized management

  • Application flexibility with the use of programmable logic elements

  • Drawout design simplifies, commissioning and maintenance, thereby increasing process uptime

  • Increased network availability with zero failover time through IEC® 62439-3 PRP and HSR support

  • Precise time synchronization through IEEE® 1588 (Precise Time Protocol (PTP)) support

  • Robust design exceeding industry standards, with Automotive Grade components and advanced testing procedures such as accelerated life cycle testing

  • Simplified migration of legacy MII Family relays to the 3 Series platform

  • Intuitive configuration software and user-friendly logic configuration tool

  • Primary protection and control for medium and high voltage utility and industrial overhead or cable feeder applications

  • Protection of small and medium size distribution transformers

  • Back-up protection of various HV applications

  • Capacitor bank protection

  • Advanced control applications including Cold Load Pickup, multi-shot recloser and multiple setting groups

Protection & Control

The 350 relay is a member of the 3 Series family of Multilin relays. This protective device is used to perform primary or back-up circuit protection on medium or high voltage feeders or transformers and down stream protection for utility and industrial switchgear. The 350 can be used for a wide variety of protection applications in power systems such as HV/MV or MV/LV transformer protection or capacitor bank protection. The basic protection provided by this relay includes multiple phase, ground, and neutral time and instantaneous overcurrent elements for coordination with upstream and downstream devices. Now it is enhanced with integrated arc flash detection functionality using light sensors supervised by over current to reduce incident energy and equipment damage. Additionally, the device provides essential feeder control features such as cold load pick up blocking, 2nd harmonic blocking, breaker failure, synchrocheck and autoreclose.

The robust 350 streamlines user work flow processes and simplifies engineering tasks such as configuration, wiring, testing, commissioning and maintenance.

Multilin 350 feeder protection relay functional block diagram