Transformer Protection

Multilin 745

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The 745 Transformer Protection System is a full featured transformer protection relay, suitable for application on small, medium, and large power transformers. The 745 can be applied on two-winding and three-winding transformers. Uses multiple current and voltage inputs to provide primary protection and back-up protection of transformers, including differential, ground differential phase, neutral, and ground overcurrent, over-fluxing, and on-load tap changer.

Key Benefits
  • Easy to use Transformer Protection supported by industry leading suite of software tools

  • Improved security for transformer energization

  • Accurate built-in metering functions

  • Advanced FlexLogic automation capabilities

  • Fast, flexible and reliable communications

  • IRIG-B time synchronization, event reports, waveform capture, data logger

Key Benefits (Cont.)
  • Built in simulation features for setpoint verification

  • Modbus and DNP 3.0 Level 2 protocols through embedded Ethernet, standard RS232, RS485 & RS422 serial ports.

  • Optional conformal coating for chemically corrosive and humid environments

  • Security Audit Trail provides detailed traceability for system configuration changes

  • Minimize maintenance time with draw-out capability

  • Primary and back-up protection and management of small, medium and larger power transformers, autotransformers and reactors

  • Transformer asset monitoring using Hottest Spot, Loss-of-Life and Aging Factor

  • Stand-alone or component in automated substation control system

Protection & Control
  • Variable dual-slope percent differential protection

  • Magnetizing inrush and overexcitation blocking

  • Phase & ground overcurrent elements

  • Adaptive time overcurrent using FlexCurves elements

  • Underfrequency/Overfrequency Protection

  • Frequency rate-of-change Detection

  • Overexcitation (V/Hz) Protection

  • Restricted Ground Fault Protection

  • Transformer overload protection