Distribution Feeder Protection

Multilin 750/760

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The 750/760 Feeder Protection System, a member of the SR Family of protection relays, with draw out capability intended for primary protection and management of distribution feeders. The 750/760 has specific features for industrial environments, including a drawout case to limit downtime during maintenance and conformal coating for harsh environments.

Key Benefits
  • Easy to use protection supported by industry leading software

  • Accurate built-in metering functions

  • I/O monitoring - improve uptime

  • IRIG-B time synchronization, event reports, waveform capture, data logger

  • Minimize replacement time

  • Draw-out construction

  • Simplify testing - Built in simulation features

Key Benefits (cont.)
  • Supports industry protocols such as DNP & Modbus

  • Optional 10MB Ethernet port

  • Complete monitoring - Analog I/O, Full metering

  • Leading edge technology - Flash memory for product field upgrade

  • Optional conformal coating for Harsh Environments

  • Primary protection and control for distribution feeders on solidly grounded, high impedance grounded or resonant grounded systems

  • Bus blocking/Interlocking schemes

  • High-speed fault detection for arc flash

  • Throw over schemes (bus transfer scheme)

  • Load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements

  • Back-up protection for transmission lines, feeders and transformers

  • Distributed Generation (DG) interconnect protection

Protection and Control

The 750/760 Feeder Protection System is a digital relay intended for the management and primary protection and control of distribution feeders. This easy to use relay provides comprehensive protection functions for feeders and back up protection for bus, transformers and transmission lines at a reduced product life cycle cost.