Distribution Feeder Protection

Multilin F650

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The Multilin F650 has been designed for the protection, control and automation of feeders or related applications. The Multilin F650 feeder protection relay provides high speed protection and control for feeder management and bay control applications, and comes with a large LCD and single line diagrams that can be built for bay monitoring and control for various feeder arrangements including ring-bus, double breaker or for breaker and half.

Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive and flexible protection and control device for feeder applications

  • Increased system uptime and improved stability with load shedding and transfer schemes

  • Advanced automation capabilities for customized protection and control solutions

  • Human machine interface (HMI) with graphical LCD, programmable buttons, and easy keys for selecting setting menus, and submenus

  • Reduced replacement time with modular draw-out construction

  • Reduced troubleshooting time and maintenance costs with IEEE 1588 (PTP), IRIG-B and SNTP time synchronization (configuration of two different SNTP masters), event reports, waveform capture, and data logger

  • Simplified system integration with communications supporting serial and Ethernet interfaces as well as multiple protocols

  • Embedded IEC® 61850 protocol (and support for edition 2), IEC 60870-5-103/104, IEC 62439/PRP/HSR, IEEE 802.1D/RSTP

  • Proven interoperability and KEMA 61850 Edition 2 certified

  • Primary or back-up protection and control for feeders on solidly grounded, high impedance grounded or resonant grounded systems

  • Bus blocking/Interlocking schemes

  • High-speed fault detection for arc flash

  • Throw over schemes (bus transfer scheme applications)

  • Load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements

  • Distributed Generation (DG) interconnect protection, including active and passive anti-islanding

Protection & Control

The F650 feeder protection relay provides high speed protection and control for feeder management and bay control applications, including:

25 Synchrocheck
27/27X Bus/Line Undervoltage
32 Sensitive Directional Power
32FP Forward Power
32N Wattmetric zero-sequence directional
46 Negative Sequence Time Overcurrent
47 Negative Sequence Voltage
48 Blocked Rotor
49 Thermal Image – overload protection
50 BF Breaker Failure
50PH/PL Phase Instantaneous Overcurrent (High/Low)
50N Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent
50G Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent
50SG Sensitive Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent
50IG Isolated Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent
51N Neutral Time Overcurrent
51G Ground Time Overcurrent
51SG Sensitive Ground Time Overcurrent
51PH/V Voltage Restraint Phase Time Overcurrent
59/59X Bus/Line Overvoltage
59NH/NL Neutral Overvoltage – High/Low
67P Phase Directional Overcurrent
67N Neutral Directional Overcurrent
67G Ground Directional Overcurrent
67SG Sensitive Ground Directional Overcurrent
79 Autorecloser
81 U/O Under/Over Frequency Broken Conductor Detection
81R Frequency Rate of Change
VTFF VT Fuse Failure Detection
Load Encroachment