Pad-Mounted Transformers

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Pad-mounted transformers are used in underground distribution systems. Their sealed high-voltage and low-voltage safety compartments ensure their safe operation and reduce the risk of accidents, making them ideally suited for use in residential applications, tourist sites, hotels and other buildings. Pad mounted transformers are placed inside a cabinet with doors and locks, usually located outdoors, with dead-front medium-voltage terminals. Single-phase transformers are designed to operate from the primary under a line-ground system, in order to avoid magnetic ferroresonance effects. These transformers come in two basic configurations: radial and loop feed, which are selected based on the type of circuit on which the transformers will be installed. Radial configuration: the transformer is connected to the primary feeding line and does not allow continuation of the line through the equipment. Loop configuration: The transformer is connected to the primary feeding line and allows other loads to be fed through it.