Paralleling Switchgear

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SAI custom designs and manufactures Paralleling Switchgear that can be used for Standby, Prime Power and Distributed Generation Systems and Main-Tie-Main (Utility to Utility).

Low Voltage -UL 1558 and UL 891 NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R LV Switchgear/Switchboards with ratings from:

  • 1,000A to 10,000A
  • Up to 600V
  • SAI controls- SAI AGM
  • 65kA to 200kA short circuit withstand

SAI integrates Medium Voltage ANSI Metal Clad Switchgear.

Utilizes OEM bus structure and superior components from Schneider, ABB NEMA 1 to NEMA 3R, with ratings of:

  • 1200A to 3000A, from 5kV to 38kV
  • 25kA to 63kA short circuit withstand.
  • SAI controls- SAI AGM

The Products may be customized, built to your needed specifications, with expert installation and ongoing support!