Pre-Molded (PM) Series Cold Shrink Accessories

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The G&W Electric Pre-Molded (PM) series of cold shrink medium voltage cable accessories are high-end products available for extruded dielectric power cables from 8.7kV through 35kV and up to 630mm2.

State-of-the-art software is employed to perform electric stress analysis and optimization which ensures the electric stress of these cable accessories is distributed in the most effective way. Liquid silicone rubber is used as the raw material, which greatly improves the mechanical and electrical properties of this product. This allows installation in various kinds of complicated environments, resulting in simple, reliable installation and excellent product performance.

Features and Benefits
  • Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is used for outstanding electrical insulation

  • Employs design concepts used for high voltage stress control

  • Hydrophobic and highly UV resistant for excellent performance in outdoor applications

  • Superior flexibility ensures that the product holds the cable firmly, eliminating air gaps produced by thermal expansion and contraction during operation

  • With 300% expansion allowance, a single product can be used with a variety of cable sizes

  • Does not require special skills when installing

  • Eliminates uneven heating that may occur when installing heat shrink accessories

  • Single piece pre-molded design eliminates errors that could occur with multiple piece accessories

Applications and Standards
  • Standard and non-standard cables with extruded solid insulation (XLPE and EPR)

  • Copper and aluminum conductors

  • Metal shielding (Copper Wire, Copper Tape, Aluminum Foil, etc.)

  • Armored or non-armored jackets (Steel wire armor, etc.)

  • GB/T 12706

  • GB/T 18889

  • IEC 60502