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Trident®-SR series offers extremely fast operation speeds of just 3.5 cycles for both load and fault interrupting options. Its flexible design can be configured to provide a wide range of solutions for any application, from basic remote operation, to distribution automation, or Smart Grid schemes including Automatic Transfer in under 10 cycles. Trident®-SR switches offer multiple application functionality within a same compact switch footprint.

Features and Benefits
  • Construction - Available compact construction with front accessible switch operators and bushings, or front access to operators and rear access to bushings.

  • Fault Interrupting - Three phase fault interrupting up to 12.5kA.

  • SafeVu Visible Break - Available with an innovative visible break built into the switch, which eliminates the need to remove elbows or use externally mounted components to provide a visible open.

  • Voltage Sensing - Available with fully encapsulated integral voltage sensing for use with voltage indication panel to determine in-phase condition or for use with a relay with up to 1% accuracy.

  • Automation - The Trident®-SR switch series was specifically designed to provide the high speed switching required for distribution automation schemes. A variety of relays such as SEL, ABB and GE are available with G&W Electric programming and cabinet construction. Cabinets can be ordered in a low voltage enclosure for padmount, and pedestal, wall mount or IP68 rated submersible for vault installated switchgear. Programming for protection, LaZer custom solutions, or Automatic Transfer in under 10 cycles.

Ratings for Trident® Automated Switchgear
Voltage Class (kV) 15 25 35
Max. System Voltage (kV) 15.5 27‡ 38
BIL (kV) 110Δ 125 150 110Δ 125 150
Continuous Current (A) 630§ 630§ 630§
Load Break Current (A) 630§ 630§ 630§
AC Withstand, 1 min. (kV) 35 60 70
AC Withstand, Productions, 1 min. (kV) 34 40 50
DC Withstand, 15 min. 53 78 103
Momentary Current, RMS, asym (kA) 20 20 20
Fault Close 3 times, asym (kA) 20 20 20
1 second Current, sym (kA) 12.5 12.5 12.5
Fault Interrupting Current, sym (kA) 12.5 12.5 12.5
Vacuum Interrupter Mechanical Operations 10,000 10,000 10,000
Δ BIL impulse rating is 95kV when using the SafeVu feature
‡ Up to 29.3kV Max. System Voltage available
§ Up to 900A available on In/Out without SafeVu, Up to 800A available on multiway Trident without SafeVu