The Company

HiReli LLC is a leading manufacturers representative and VAR provider in the automation, protection, and control of electrical power.  100% system reliability with advanced cybersecurity are our utopian goals. The HiReli LLC organization serves Electric Utilities (Avangrid, Exelon, PPL, ConEd, PSEG, etc.); Alternative Energy (First Solar, etc.); Large Industrials (Bayway Refinery, WWTPs, etc.); Electrical Wholesalers; Universities, Contractors, and Consultants.

HiReli LLC’s service territory extends from Maine on the north, to Virginia on the south, covering New England and the Mid-Atlantic States plus DC.

HiReli LLC’s reputation is one of customer focus, offering the best customer facing technical and support staff in our region.  Our emphasis on technical excellence and customer love has resulted in continuing marketplace success and high regard by our customers and principals. 75% of HiReli LLC employees are engineers as are most customer contacts.

Positions Open Now

  • Internships

For a complete position description or to schedule an interview, please contact; you may include a copy of your resume.  All responses will be held in confidence.

HiReli LLC is an equal opportunity employer.  All employees must be US citizens or have permanent residency and eligible to work in the US.  All HiReli LLC employees are “at will” employees.

A great engineering and support team, great products, experience and expertise, that is the essence of our tag line “HIGHLY RELIABLE POWER SYSTEMS”. Let us know how we can help you improve reliability on your system!