HiReli Supplier Diversity

The HiReli Supply Division (HiS) provides many products and services as part of our Value added offerings. HiReli Supply can furnish both Tier 1 and Tier 2 WBE participation.

For More information please email SupplierDiversity@HiReli.com.

These include project support utilizing both HiReli LLC represented products, and HiS distributed products:

  • G&W Electric – Overhead Reclosers and control, Padmounted and Submersible Switchgear, System Protection, Distribution Automation, Cable Terminations and Splices
  • Point Eight Power Products – Switchgear, MV and LV air gear, Arc Resistant, SHORT LEAD TIMES
  • GE Grid Automation – Channel Partner and Value-Added OEM supplier
  • Magnetron Transformers – Small and Medium Power, Large Padmounts, Network, Dry Type, specialized designs for Solar and Motor VSD applications
  • SENS, Stored Energy Systems – Batteries, and battery chargers
  • Kuvag Insulators
  • Bloom Energy Fuel Cells
  • American Wire Group
  • Virginia Transformers
  • GE ITI Instrument Transformers
  • And much more – Just ask!

HiReli Supply will be key a component in your supply chain, performing these services:

  • Controls Program Management
  • Verifying Correct Control Specifications
  • Negotiate pricing and deliveries from OEMs
  • Ordering Controls and Components to supply complete control packages (Control, Radios, Cables, Security Sleeves, and proper Firmware/Software) on time
  • Ensure corresponding AP and AR payments and receivables are handled promptly
  • Value Added Controls Reseller – In house programming and training support for both GE and SEL controls and relays
  • GE Grid Automation Authorized Channel Partner
  • Provide local “Just in Time” stock
  • Specification assistance with ALL HiReli products and Services
  • Furnish T&D switchgear to 69kv including Distributed Generation packages.

The HiReli Technical staff is involved with all aspects of both OEM and End User customer support:

  • HiReli offers a large customer facing technical sales team – four PEs and excellent staff engineering support and management staff:
  • Tech Support >> application engineering, programming, failure analysis and training on both SEL and GE controls in automated switchgear

Training sessions with the HiReli training trailer.

A great engineering and support team, great products, experience and expertise, that is the essence of our tag line “HIGHLY RELIABLE POWER SYSTEMS”. Let us know how we can help you improve reliability on your system!