Distribution Transformer Monitoring

UbiGrid Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM+)

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UbiGrid DTM+ Makes Distribution Infrastructure Smarter and More Visible

  • Collects and sends transformer and grid performance data over an LTE network to UbiVu cloud-based asset management system.
  • UbiVu uses predictive analytics, reporting and visualization for end-to-end visibility
  • Open APIs enable data integration into existing Grid Operations and OSS systems.

UbiGrid DTM+ Next Level Situational Awareness

  • Public and Private LTE Reliable, cost effective real-time, low-lag data communication
  • Last Gasp Messaging Alert crews with right location for faster outage restoration
  • GPS Get exact location for outage and asset management
  • Monitors primary and secondary Pinpoint faults and monitor bidirectional energy
  • Tilt & Vibration Provides data on pole condition, knock-down and weather impact
  • Oil Temperature and pressure sensing Monitor asset health and prevent outages
Key Benefits
  • 360-degree Visibility

  • Real-time AI and Analytics

  • Reduce O&M Costs

  • Simple & Fast Installation