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Cast Resin Special Transformers

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At TMC we use our vast experience and expertise to work with our customers to develop specialist solutions, designed specifically to suit their requirements – up to a power rating of 25MVA at a system voltage of 52kV for a wide variety of applications, across a multitude of sectors.

TMC draws on its considerable know-how to assess the ability of products to withstand short-circuit forces (FEA analysis) and manage:

Key Benefits
  • very high currents (>30kVA)

  • cooling - not only with natural or forced air, but also with direct or indirect water

  • installations in particularly polluted outdoor environments by studying and developing suitable solutions

  • the combination of epoxy resin and foil winding ensures the ultimate in dielectric performance and short-circuit resistance

  • aluminium or copper winding

  • class F or class H insulation systems

  • air cooling channels included in the coil for better thermal efficiency at power ratings >5MVA