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Encapsulated Current Limiting Fuses

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G&W Electric’s encapsulated fuses provide the current limiting protection of an X-Limiter™ full range fuse within a completely sealed, rugged epoxy housing designed for submersible applications. No derating of the fuse is required. Terminal connections consist of IEEE 200A bushing wells, permitting the use of 200A dead break and load break bushing inserts and elbows. The small size and ease of installation of the fuses make them ideal for padmount, vault or subsurface applications where space is at a premium. Optional stainless steel mounting brackets with integral parking stands allow the fuses to be mounted easily with a minimal support structure.

Key Benefits
  • Ease of Installation - The economical, one piece epoxy encapsulated fuse can be easily installed and removed. There is no assembly of components or special tools required. Hold down straps permit fuse removal without removing the mounting bracket

  • G&W Electric Encapsulated Fuses - Utilize rugged time-proven EPOX technology comprised of Vantico Araldite® 229 polymer to assure a void-free, extremely durable system impervious to environmental contamination

  • Tested Reliability - Epox fuses are designed and tested to applicable sections of IEEE C37.40, IEEE C37.41, IEEE C37.47 and IEEE 386 standards

  • Customizing Capability - G&W Electric specializes in custom solutions to meet the ever changing needs of it’s customers. Contact your G&W Electric representative with specific application requirements

  • Fuses use Cooper X-Limiter type - 8.3kV and 15.5kV rated fuses. A link is provided under the "Resources" section to take you to the TCC curves located on the Cooper web site

Electrical Ratings Chart for Encapsulated Current Limiting Fuses
Nominal Voltage, kV Gnd-Y system* 15.2 / 26.3
BIL Impulse, kV 125
Continuous, A 10 – 125
*Phase to ground/phase-to-phase