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Multilin 489

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The SR489 Generator Protection System, a member of the SR family of relays, provides protection, control and advanced communications in a cost effective industry leading draw-out construction. Designed for small and medium sized generators, the 489 delivers advanced protection including generator stator differential protection. The 489 also includes detailed diagnostic information allowing for reduced troubleshooting time.

Key Benefits
  • Complete, secure protection of small to medium sized generators

  • Easy to use generator protection supported by industry leading software tools.

  • Advanced protection and monitoring features including the use of RTDs for stator and bearing thermal protection and Analog Inputs for vibration monitoring

  • Draw-out construction allowing for minimized downtime and easy removal/installation of the 489 during maintenance routines

  • Large, user-friendly front panel interface

  • Enhanced generator troubleshooting through the use of IRIG-B time synchronized event records, waveform capturing, and data loggers

  • Simplified setpoint verification testing using built in waveform simulation functionality

  • Cost effective communication through industry standard hardware (RS232, RS485, 10BaseT Ethernet) and protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP 3.0)

  • Harsh Chemical Environment Option

Key Features
  • Generator stator differential

  • 100% stator ground

  • Loss of excitation

  • Distance backup

  • Reverse power (anti-motoring)

  • Overexcitation

  • Ground directional overcurrent

  • Inadvertent energization

  • Breaker failure

  • Stator and bearing thermal monitoring

  • Stator and bearing vibration monitoring

  • Negative sequence overcurrent

Protection & Control

The 489 Generator Protection System provides comprehensive protection, metering, and monitoring of small to medium sized synchronous or induction generators operating at 25, 50 or 60 Hz. The 489 is ideally suited for primary or backup generator protection as well as for use in cogeneration applications. Protection features found in the 489 include: