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Multilin D20MX Substation Controller

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The Multilin™ D20MX Substation Controller is designed to execute communications and energy management applications for the monitoring and control of electrical substations. It is capable of amalgamating data from multiple slave devices and D20 I/O modules connected via communication channels into a single database using various protocols.

The D20MX represents the next innovation in GE’s cyber secure RTU technology for NERC-CIP environments. The D20MX is built upon the field-proven Multilin D20 technologies and continues the tradition of reliable automation and control through high quality and long term product availability.

Key Benefits
  • Supports multiple partitions which eases the upgrade of D200 multi-processor configurations

  • Reduces legacy D20/D200 RTU upgrade expenditures by over 50% through backwards compatibility with existing D20/D200 installed accessories, such as chassis, modems and D20 I/O peripheral modules

  • Minimizes operation and maintenance costs of existing D20/D200-based SCADA infrastructure by leveraging existing designs, processes and infrastructure

  • Enables simpler and more efficient compliance with NERC-CIP requirements through the application of native cyber security features built into the D20MX Substation Controller

Integration into NERC-CIP Environments

The Multilin D20MX supports a comprehensive set of security functions to allow a seamless integration with existing IT department policies. Built-in cyber security features, such as Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS), Role Based Access Control (RBAC), and user activity logging, provide a complete security toolkit required to enable simpler and more efficient compliance with NERC-CIP requirements, using open and trusted standards and protocols, that allow integration with modern cyber security systems and tools.

Centralized Authentication and Authorization