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The MM200 integrates protection, control and multiple communication protocols in a rugged compact device for low voltage motor applications. Easily integrated into new and existing control system architectures, the MM200 provides comprehensive low voltage motor protection and communications for all types of motor protection applications.

Key Benefits
  • Flexible Protection, Control, and Communication options

  • Small footprint designed specifically for IEC and NEMA MCC applications

  • Integrated pushbuttons and LED indicators reduce external components and wiring

Key Benefits (cont.)
  • Flexible DIN rail mounting

  • Multiple communication protocols allows simple integration into monitoring and control systems.

  • Optional control panel provides local control

  • Low Voltage Three-Phase AC Motors

  • MCC and standalone Panel Mount Applications

  • IEC NEMA Motor Control Center (MCCs)

  • Process control applications

  • System architecture requiring multiple simultaneous communications

  • FVNR, FVR, two speed

Protection & Control