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Multilin 859

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The Multilin 859 Motor Protection System is a protection device for managing, protecting and controlling medium to large horsepower motors.

With a fast protection pass, running every 1/8th of a cycle, the 859 relay provides fast current, voltage, power and frequency protection elements; reducing stress on the motor. The Multilin 859 supports the latest standard communications protocols, including IEC 62439/PRP and IEC 61850 Ed. 2 ; facilitating easy integration into new and existing SCADA/DCS networks.

Key Benefits
  • Utilizing GE's proven Thermal Model for reliable protection of AC induction motors

  • With a depth of 3.5", the 859 is ideal for MCCs with shallow depths or space constraints

  • Detachable display can be mounted up to 15 feet away from the device, allowing for greater installation flexibility

  • Large graphical color LCD display enhanced operability, with user-configurable single line diagrams for local control, system status and metering

  • Integrated condition monitoring based on Electrical Signature Analysis, delivering detailed monitoring & analytics for extended motor life

  • CyberSentry™ Advanced Security including features such as AAA, Radius, RBAC, and Syslog. helping to enable NERC® CIP compliance

  • Safe and reliable motor re-start on ‘down hole’ pump applications. Unique back spin detection feature detects flow reversal on a pump motor, enabling timely and safe motor restarting

  • Single setup & configuration software, reducing training & commissioning time

  • Customer Support available 24/7, available in multiple languages

  • High-Inertia Load Applications

  • VFD-Driven Motor Applications

  • Cyclic Load Motor Applications

Multilin 859 motor protection relay functional block diagram