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The MM300 integrates protection, control, automation, metering, diagnostics and multiple communication protocols in a rugged compact device for low voltage motor applications. Designed for NEMA and IEC Motor Control Centers, the MM300 delivers superior protection and control to extend equipment life and maximize process uptime.

Key Benefits
  • Full-featured protection for low voltage AC motors

  • Advanced automation capabilities for providing customized protection and integrated process control

  • Advanced FlexLogic™ reduces requirement for local PLC’s

  • Reduced space requirements through integration of multiple devices

Key Benefits (cont.)
  • Application flexibility with multiple I/O options and programmable logic options (FlexLogic™)

  • Enhanced troubleshooting tools including sequence of event records and waveform capture

  • Powerful communications including Serial, Ethernet, Profibus, and DeviceNet protocols

  • Small form factor and remote display options designed to fit in MCC buckets

  • Low Voltage three phase AC motors

  • MCC or stand alone panel mount applications

  • Reversing and Reduced Voltage applications

  • Applications requiring Automation or Control i.e. conveyor systems or well recovery pumps

  • IEC or NEMA class motors

Protection Control

The MM300 is a digital motor protection and control system, designed for Low Voltage motor applications. Flexible and powerful, the MM300’s protection can be scaled to the specific requirements of your system.